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April 2018: We thank you for your loyalty.

  • From € 50,- you will receive a voucher of € 5,- for your next order,
  • from € 75,- a voucher of € 10,-
  • from € 200,- a voucher of € 25,- and
  • from € 450,- a voucher of € 50,-.

From 50,-€

Free shipping (starting from 1.2.2017)

From 50,- € order value the following countries will receive a free shipping: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland or Czech Republic

From 150,-€ order value the following countries will receive a free shipping: Italy , Finnland, Great Britain, Hungary, Slovenia, Monaco, Slovakia, Sweden

From 150,- € order value all other countries will receive a 10,- € freight discount


Friendship invitation

Invite a friend or business partner to our online shop and receive a 20, - € voucher. Send one or more invitation e-mails after logging in to your customer account. After your invitation has been accepted and a first order has been placed, we will send you automatically a coupon code for a 20, - € voucher by e-mail. Read more


Welcome discount

Register to our online shop and receive a 5, - € discount. We will automatically send you the coupon code in the confirmation e-mail after your registration. Order from 50, - € or more and enter the code in the shopping cart when placing your order.



Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a 5, - € discount. The subscription form for our newsletter service can be found in the foot section at the end of the website, in your customer account or at the checkout. Redeemable one voucher per person.