Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017

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Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017

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Crystal innovations to make you feel good

You just want to let your mind wander, but the stress of everyday life often draws you back in? Treat yourself to a little time-out. At Görlach Besatzschmuck, you can discover all the decorative stones in the innovative Swarovski® "The Balance of Nature” collection online without any time pressure or queuing at the till.

Choose your personal natural element from a wealth of different colours, shapes and sizes to express your outlook on life, e.g. quiet and reserved with the transparent lightness of ‘AIR’. The soft shades of Crystal Pearlescent beads and simple designs give your creation a classic and stylish elegance. Or show your temperament with ‘FIRE’. Express passion, sensuality and uniqueness with the glamour of Flame flat backs.

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Versatile design options

The Swarovski® spring/summer collection gives you plenty of room for inspiration. Use the crystals to embellish high fashion, or as fashionable accessories. The wide range of application methods, such as Hotfix, glue, sewing or jewellery modelling, means your creativity will know no bounds. Use a combination of all four product ranges to interpret the many different sides of nature, or focus on one element to show the strength of your emotions.

Impressive designs and high quality

Decorative stones from Swarovski® are sure to impress with their wonderful crystalline properties, high-quality materials and workmanship, and beautiful finish. The ‘The Balance of Nature’ collection is a great opportunity to honour nature in your own creations, and not just for nature lovers. The Scarab Bead, for example, references Ancient Egyptian culture, while the Tiger Pavé Pendant will give your designs a natural strength and grounding to the element ‘EARTH’.

Order stylish crystals online

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